Strategic Financial Strategies

Strategic Financial Strategies, Inc. is a full–service implementation and cost report preparation firm for the Rural Health Clinic (RHC) program. We have exclusively been working with the RHC program for over twenty–two years and have over thirty–five years of Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement experience.

  • Strategies

    Strategies that allow physicians to financially remain in their chosen location.

  • Certification

    Timely certification of your clinic and full compliance with all related laws.

  • Financial

    Generating significant increased monies for our clients.

  • Trustworthy

    Servicing hundreds of physicians in multiple states.

Welcome to Our Site!

We continue to be one of the fastest growing Rural Health Clinic implementation and cost report preparation firms in the industry. We are a results oriented, no–nonsense consulting firm with over thirty years of successful health care financial experience, recognizing that each client is unique and each one deserves prompt and well–reasoned solutions.

Our Company

Strategic Financial Strategies, Inc. (SFS) was founded in 1989. From its inception it has enabled physicians to timely participate in the Rural Health Clinic (RHC) program and to financially remain in their chosen location. Additionally, by focusing exclusively on the RHC program, SFS is able to make it possible for hundreds of quality physicians to navigate the complicated RHC regulations and participate in the program on a compliant basis. Our services allow rural physicians to achieve a viable alternative to an urban practice.

Results Driven

By working exclusively with rural physicians and clinics, SFS has gained a unique knowledge and insight into the daily financial challenges faced by them and in turn, has responded to those financial needs. Additionally, by bringing a high level of financial expertise and an old fashion but persistent work ethic, SFS soon acquired a reputation among its clients (and the CMS staff) as a no-nonsense, results based firm. Our solutions oriented approach continues to annually generate significantly increased monies for our clients.

Fast Growing, Personal Care

Today, our level of financial expertise has been heightened and the continuing persistent work ethic, has allowed us to maintain a consistent level of growth to where we are now providing services to hundreds of physicians, in a number of States. We are pleased and grateful to say we have gained the confidence of a number of other consultants and now prepare annual RHC reports for them/their clients. Even though we are one of the fastest growing RHC consulting firms in the nation, we recognize that each client is unique and each one deserves prompt and well-reasoned solutions.

Our Experience

We are a firm with over 30 years of Rural Health Clinic experience and one of the most progressive in the RHC industry. From the first day on, Strategic Financial Strategies, Inc. provides unique and cost effective services for rural physicians and clinics.